Sertaç Koyuncu was born in 1991 in Ankara. He finished his primary and secondary education and his Bachelor in Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Department of Clarinet with a degree. In 2006, he was rewarded with his work "Küçük bir Hikaye" in İstanbul International Children Films Festival. In 2014, he was declined a finalist Adana Golden Koza Festival with his movie "Çapulcular Bahçesi" Same year " Benim Eşsiz Evim" a movie he directed was screened in Tusiad's First Short Movie Competitions Anthology. His essays were published on Sekans Sinema Yaıları Seçkisi, Psikesinema and Alacakaranlık magazines. In 2016, he graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Film Design and Directing and started his masters at the same university. He is still shooting films and assisting directors in movies.

* Küçük Bir Hikaye (Short Film, 2006) İstanbul International Children's Film Festival, Runner-up Prize.
* Çapulcular Bahçesi (Short Film, 2014) Adana Golden Boll Film Festival's International Student Movies Competition- Finalist.
* Benim Eşsiz Evim (Short Film, 2014) Tüsiad The-One Minute Movie Competition Finalist. 18. The Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival
* Eşlik (Short Film, 2016) National Engelsiz İzmir Short Film Competition, Grand Prize
* Solo (Short Film, 2016) 6. Pembe Hayat Kuirfest, - Kuir Short Films from Turkey 2017. 2. LGBTİ+ Youth Festival, Short Film. 27 Nisan 2018.
* Prenses Model (Short Film, 2018) Assosiation of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey, Project Support Award.
* Suffocating with Manners, (Short Film, 2018)


Oğuzhan İnceoğulları graduated both İletişim Lisesi and 9 Eylül Fine Arts Faculty Department of Film Design with a degree. His thesis "From the Independent Ameican Cinema to Indiewood's Changing Studio System and Wes Anderson" won the first place within all theses given in 2015. Later that year, he worked as an advisor in the Private TAKEV Highschool's Movie Club. In 2016, he started his Masters at Ege University Institute of Social Sciences at the Department of Radio, Television, and Cinema. He participated many projects as a director of photography. Two years apart, some of these projects chosen to be screened in Cannes Film Festival, Short Corner. Other projects he contributed also qualified as finalists in many national and international festivals. In 2013, Hasna Inc. awarded him with a scholarship and he went to Washington D.C. to receive further education. İnceoğulları participated second Istanbul Design Biennial as a guest with his film "Bekleyen" that he directed in 2014. He is still active on the field and continues his work as a director of photography and as an editor. Since 2016, he has been working in Private Çakabey Highschool as an instructor in Movie Club. He also works as a content producer for Ege University Media Centers' radio and television shows.


Ali Altunsoy was born in Düzce in 1993. He graduated Düzce Anatolian Teacher Highschool in 2011 and got into Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Performing Arts. He started his stage design career working with Dokuz Eylul University Deneme Topluluğu. Simultaneously,, he was working in film sets as hair dresser, make-up artist, costume designer and artistic director. Altunsoy still working on his bachelors, actively being involved in both theatre and movies personal and professional projects.

* Yağmurlarda Yıkansam (Movie, 2015) Hair and Make up Designer
* Marat-Sade (Praxis Perform, 2016) Scenery, Costume, Hair and Make up Designer
* A Performance on Queer and Gender (Thesis, 2016) Actor, Costume, Hair and Make up Designer
* 7 Santimetre (Short Film, 2016) Director of Arts
* Tolon (Advertisement, 2016) Styling-Hair and Make up Designer
* Suffocating with Manners (Short Film, 2018) Director of Arts


Deniz Bahadır Özdemir was born in 1986 in Soma. He connected with music by learning guitar and piano from his father. He spent his childhood and young ages playing in various orchestras and bands. In 2006, he got into Dokuz Eylül University İzmir State Conservatory Department of Opera. During his Bachelor he had the opportunityof working in the field of singing and voice therapy with Associate Professor Pınar Uçman Karaçalı, Stage Applications with Professor Jeanette Thompson, Contrpuan, and Orchestration with Mehmet Aktuğ, Opera Repertoire with Assistant Professor Doctor Elif Aktuğ, Electronic Music with Professor Uzay Bora, Harmony, Analyze and Form Info with Onur Nurcan. During his education, he took part as a guitarist, chorus singer, and single singer. He worked as an advisor and educator in the field of music. Besides guitar and piano, he also educates others on solfege, harmony and musical technologies. He worked in music and post-production studios as an arranger, audio engineer and audio designer. Özdemir composes songs for short movies, teasers,helps theatre companies find auditory solutions and compose for them as well. In 2014, he participated İzmir State Opera and Ballet as a guest artist. After he finished his Bachelor's Degree, he got into Masters Programme in Dokuz Eylul University Fine Arts Institute Department of Music Technologies. Özdemir still carries his researches forwardand work in the field of musicotherapy, physiology of voice and psychoacoustics. He also works on his own project called "Simurg Ahir Zaman Orchestra" producing "New World Music" with his own words.


Mustafa Burak Soykan was born in 1990 in Adana. From his early life, he always had an interest in instruments. His first Bachelor degree is from Çukurova University in 2013 in the field of Agriculture. In 2014, he entered Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory of Music's, Department of Composition. Soykan participated Paul Patterson's, Hasan Uçarsu's and Emre Sihan Kaleli's workshops. In 2018 Kadıkoy Municipality's "Sureyya Opera National Composition Competition" rewarded him. He still continues his second Bachelor's education.


Dilan Engin was born in Van in 1988. In 2007, Engin got into Ege University Sociology Department and started to live in İzmir. She spent most of her life working with NGO's and always believed in poetry. Due to reasonable motivations, she left Sociology Department in her 3rd year and got into 9 Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Film Design and graduated. At the beginning of 2016, violation of rights issue arouse interest in her and she participated the shooting of the documentary "Vartinis" and another biographic documentary which is about Kurdologist Celile Celil's life. She still continues her further readings, works at projects on oral culture, and writing scripts.


Sevinç Karataş was born in 1991 in Eskişehir.In 2011, she got into Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Film Design and Film writing. She directed a short documentary while she was entitled to attent a workshop called Izmır Documentary held by Izdoc in the supervision of Andreas Treske. In 2013, she moved to Istanbul in order to rebuild herself some space enables her to be practically involved in this sphere. She worked freelance in İstanbul and worked in a project called "Alkarısı." Later on she worked in a project called "Yeşil Deniz" as an assistant director. Then she came back to İzmir and resumed her education and worked in multiple projects as an assistant director. In 2018, she worked as asisstant director in Boğulmanın Adabı which was directed by Sertaç Koyuncu. Same year, she gave a workshop about short movies to children. Karataç attended a workshop held by Persian director Rouhollah Hejazı and their assistant and later she took initiative on becoming the director of the one films that were created in that workshop. Karataş graduated in 2018 and still proceeding on her academical development.


Selen Öztürk was born in 1990 in Aydın. She finished primary school and high school in Denizli. She moved to İzmir with her family in 2007. Although she was always involved in sports from her childhood, she desired to study Radio, Television and Cinema and started to improve herself in this sphere. Meanwhile continued to work in different fields and kept on improving her skills and knowledge. In 2012, she got into Dokuz Eylul University Department of Film Design Editing Audio and Photography Directing. Öztürk wants to further build her career on producing movies and has been working on her friends' projects as line producer for years. She still lives in İzmir and tries to build her career.


Ferhat Kaya was born in 1995 in Mersin. After finishing Diyarbakır Fine Arts Highschool he got into Dokuz Eylül University Department of Stage Design. He attented many festivals and plays. Kaya graduated in 2017. He has been working as art asistor on the set of Ufak Tefek Cinayetler by Ay Yapım.

*Bacanın Melekleri (Puppet Show, 2014) 8. Uluslararası İzmir Kukla Günleri.
*John ile Dimitri (Theatre Play, 2015) Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Deneme Topluluğu.
*İki Siyah Çanta (Theatre Play, 2016) Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Deneme Topluluğu.
*Winter Under the Table Roland Topor (Theatre Play, 2016) Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Deneme Topluluğu.
*Happy End Bertolt Brecht (Theatre Play, 2017) Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Deneme Topluluğu.